Zoom with multiple cameras

High everyone, I just wanted to give you all this simple tip to add value to your zoom calls during the lock down and later. While hosting your ZOOM call on your computer, connect to the same call with the zoom id on your phone and then you can play with your 2 cameras showing details on one and a general view on the other one. It´s a simple tip that can help coaches, artists and other people to add some dynamics to the calls. Not related directly with winning attitude bu definitely something you can use if you are getting out there, trying your best and boosting your winning attitude in these turbulent times.

Here I share the link to my explanation in spanish so you can try it out yourself and maybe learn some spanish while doing it. The background of Fifpro is the one used by my wife while working from home, fighting for the working rights of the football players worldwide. Also an alternative for those who don´t want to play with the virtual ones and need to reach out a lot to media.

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