Love is a better teacher than a sense of duty

Although I truly believe on these words, they’re not mine. They’re from Einstein. It seems that his relativity theory came out of his inspiration from music. And his inspiration from music had nothing to do with his early encouragement to play the violin, after all he wasn’t interested. It came out of the love of music as a teenager.

I really like the phrase because it makes a lot of sense as an entrepreneur. When we have a strong sense of duty we push the limits to achieve our objectives on a conscious way. After all, we must do our bests at all time to become a better version of ourselves, to outperform others. But when we love what we’re doing, that’s a different game. We become high performers because we want to, because there’s not enough time or success that will stop us. Success is basically that we’re doing what we love. We cracked the code.

To be an entrepreneur with a winning mentality you need to truly love what you’re pursuing. That love will empower you and your dream to unchartered waters if you have a consistent attitude. And innovation and disruption usually happen in unchartered waters.

It sounds familiar don’t? Do what you love, love what you do… Basic stuff. Go for it!


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