350. Winning Attitude podcast ft. top sport high-performance psychologist, Afke van de Wouw.

On this amazing episode, Afke gives us some tips and tricks from her own experience at the top of sports psychology.

Afke van de Wouw is an experienced high-performance sport psychologist with huge experience in Football, Hockey, Cycling and Tennis. Her background as a physiotherapist gave her a huge advantage in understanding the holistic view of the Top Sporters that approach her as clients. She´s also an entrepreneur and public speaker, founder of Wouw Performance Coaching. Has been a sport psychologist and consultant of The Netherlands Olympic Teams and football clubs such as Utrecht, Venlo, Vitesse and Twente. She recently published the book “Leren Presteren” which is available since this week on the market (Dutch) and hopefully will be available soon in English and other languages.

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