250. Podcast Winning Attitude ft. Soren Kaplan

Soren Kaplan is the voice of innovation and a reference for leading companies at Silicon Valley and Worldwide. He´s considered by “Thinkers 50” as one of the leading experts in strategic innovation, disruptive technology and innovation culture. Tedx Speaker, author of Wallstreet Journal Bestsellers “Leapfrogging” and “The Invisible Advantage”, has empowered big names such as […]

230. Winning Attitude podcast ft. Philip Schemmekes. The power of sport to change your destiny.

Philip Schemmekes is a top sporter who re-focused all his energy from his times as a professional Basketball player into his project in social entrepreneurship, co-founding the Triple Threat foundation. There he inspired, together with his brother Dominic Schemmekes and Okrah Donkor, thousands of kids that come from backgrounds with less opportunities, to find purpose […]

220. Podcast Actitud Ganadora ft. Pablo Fernandez, el hombre record.

Les comparto los links a una charla super inspiradora con Pablo Fernandez. Un ejemplo de actitud ganadora tremendo. Les dejo el trailer y el video completo. También pueden encontrar el audio completo entrando a la sección de podcast y buscando tu plataforma favorita. Pablo Fernandez es un emprendedor y atleta disruptivo. Con formación universitaria en […]